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Women in Transition

Confronting Oklahoma’s Incarceration Problem

The Problem

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The Solution

Women in Transition is a three-stage program.

First, our staff (all formerly incarcerated women) teach our curriculum inside prisons/jails and in partner locations. We share personal experiences as well as practical education about: 1) anger management, 2) the power of “no”, 3) characteristics of co-dependency, 4) dealing with stress, 5) communication skills, 6) facing addiction, and more.

Then, after a course graduate is released from prison or jail, we remain in relationship to ensure that she is willing to follow through on her commitment to life change.

Lastly (and this is where you come in!) we recruit and train a small group of volunteers to come around a woman who is actively pursuing a healthy life. Volunteers commit to meet in their small group at least twice a month, for a minimum of one year. A Stand in the Gap small group offers encouragement, mentoring, and most importantly, prayer support.

Since 1997, less than 3% of women who have completed the entire Stand in the Gap program have returned to incarceration. (Nationally 67% of people who have been incarcerated will return to prison or jail within three years.)

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