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Be still

and know that I am God.

In the last six years of our widows ministry, there’s one refrain we’ve heard over and over… “No one knows what it’s like to be a widow, except another widow.”

That’s one thing that makes Stand in the Gap Ministries for Widows so unique; our Program Director is a widow. So when JoLeta Nash speaks to a church about what a widow needs or listens to another widow as she shares her grief, JoLeta truly “gets it.” She is five years into her grief journey, but a song can take her right back to those early days.

I really liked this song from the very first time I heard it.  The worship team at my church sang it for a season, including during the time when Robert was sick.

I can remember standing with arms raised, weeping as I sang these words. I would listen to this song in the wee hours of the morning during Robert’s illness and after his death too.

This song comes partly from Psalm 46:10, and one day – several years ago now – I was in a gift shop and saw a small flat stone that said “Be Still” on the front and “Psalm 46:10” on the back. I bought that stone and carried it in my pocket for a few years. Any time I would become fearful over any situation, I would put my hand over that stone in my pocket (sometimes take it out and hold it), take a deep breath, and recite, “Be still and know that I am God.” Doing so NEVER failed to bring peace to my soul.

Do you need to “Be Still” today and feel the peace of God flood over you? Take a minute and do so as you listen to this song. It’s by Hillsong, but I love this rendition by Koama Chende.

What’s going on in your life today? Is your soul at peace?

Where do you need the reminder: “Be still and know that I am God”?

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