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The Bible commands us to “plead for the widow”.  Too often, the perception is that once a funeral is over and a widow begins to appear to have regained normality in her life no need exists for her care.  Nothing can be further from the truth.

Our society and our churches do not know how to care for a widow in her grief. Sure, there are casseroles and sympathy cards for the first few weeks… But what about one year, three years, or ten years later?

Many widows feel like they are in a “fog” after their husband’s death. They often lose friendships, experience financial hardship, or struggle with illness themselves. The realities of life as a widow usually bring their own, fresh grief.

But being a widow does not have to mean being alone.

Stand in the Gap empowers the church to come around widows and support them in practical and emotional ways. Whether hosting regular widows-only social gatherings, providing practical home maintenance education, or facilitating small groups of widows in relationship with each other, Stand in the Gap provides tested and proven methods to help widows adjust to life after loss.

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