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Ministry Structure

Best practices from your fellow Stand in the Gap for Widows partners

Stand in the Gap has interviewed our most successful widow ministry partners and have found they have very similar ministry structures in place to ensure the success and longevity of their widow ministry.

Church Staff Leader

Although Stand in the Gap for Widows ministry is not meant to be clergy intensive, it is of value to have a church staff member available for the Widow Ministry Coordinator to direct questions, get approval and report ministry progress.

Widow Ministry Coordinator

The coordinator recruits the people of passion for the various widow ministries the church wishes to establish, reports to and communicates with the church staff leader, and works with Stand in the Gap Ministries to keep up to date with new best- case practices and completes yearly ministry evaluation. 

The Widow Ministry Coordinator is responsible to work with the church staff leadership to recruit and train her successor prior to leaving the position. 

Widow Ministry Leadership Team

It is important that the Widow Ministry Coordinator form a team for each widow ministry the church choses to implement. For example, if the church implements a social ministry they will have two people of passion leading the team. 

This is necessary because if one of the people of passion chooses to no longer lead the team, you have someone who understands the ministry in place. They can then find a replacement team partner and train them so the ministry has no down time. 

What we have learned from some of our struggling ministry partners is that one person takes on the role of leader. When they can no longer lead or chose to “retire”, the ministry is left without a leader and either ceases to exist or restarts losing valuable ministry time. 

Volunteer Leadership Chairman

This person is responsible for forming a committee and recruiting volunteers and communicating with volunteers.

Fundraiser Chairman

This person is responsible for forming a committee and raising funds for the ministry.

Entertainment Chairman

This person is responsible for forming a committee and researching entertainment options for the widow socials.

The Widow Ministry Leadership Team also reports to the Widow Ministry Coordinator making sure to keep her informed of the progress and needs of the ministry. 

Stand in the Gap realizes that we partner with churches of various sizes and some of our smaller partners will not have the need or resources for a large ministry structure. What is important to glean from this information is that your widow ministry should NOT be the responsibility of one volunteer. There should be a widow ministry team of some form in place to ensure the success and longevity of your ministry. 

Stand in the Gap believes we are called to serve as protectors of widows (Psalms 68:5), we are to honor widows (1 Timothy 5:3), and we are to look after widows in their distress. (James 1:27).

Download and print this information as a PDF.