Cherish team

“They helped me see myself as someone of value.”

kerry team

“That’s the moment I started to feel like myself again.”

“I wouldn’t be where I am without you guys.”

Connie’s Legacy of Hope Story


Ali’s Legacy of Hope Story

Katherine’s Story

Dustie WIT

Dustie’s Story

Charly's Story

Charly’s Story

Sharron's Story

Sharron’s Story

The Why

Ali // A Life Launch Story

Connie // A Women in Transition Story

Jacquelyn // A Stand in the Gap for Widows Story


“I didn’t know my life could be different.” // Shaunte testimony

Jen // A Women in Transition Story

Rhonda’s Story

Jeryka’s Story

Brandy // A Woman in Transition Story

An Introduction to Women in Transition

Debbie’s Story

A Small Group Story