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Repeatedly, widows have told SITGM they need practical help.  Help with projects around the house or simple tasks with their cars that spouse’s use to do. Our widow programs provide for their needs through our home maintenance and car care ministries.

A successful men’s ministry that we provide church ministry resources for is Widow Saturday. Many of our church partners have implemented this ministry guide as a part of their care/outreach ministry. It is constructed to help widows with minor repair projects around the house.  Widows tell us they often feel vulnerable when it comes to getting work done on their homes.  Having a trusted church volunteer provide helpful advice and repair work means a great deal to widows.

If you are looking for a ministry idea that will grow your ministry through service to the widows in your community, we would love to partner with your church and support you.  Stand in the Gap is now in states across the US and growing, join us in our mission to Stand in the Gap for Widows!

We provide widow ministry guides in the areas of fellowship groups, social, practical needs (home maintenance & car care) and card & book.  The guides consist of 25 best-case practices and resources that will make your ministry grow through successful outreach and service to others.

“When my husband was alive, we divided our responsibilities and he took care of maintaining the house. If something goes wrong, I don’t even know where to turn off the water.”

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