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We all know a widow. We take her a casserole. We send her a sympathy card. But two months, one year, or one decade after the death of her husband, a widow is still grieving.


The Bible mentions the widow 76 times.  It commands us to “plead for the widow”.  Too often, the perception is that once a funeral is over and a widow begins to appear to have regained normalcy in her life no need exists for her care.  Nothing can be further from the truth.

Stand in the Gap for Widows would love to partner with your church to empower them to support the widows in your community.  We are now in 13 states and growing!

We provide widow ministry guides in the areas of fellowship groups, social, practical needs (home maintenance & car care) and card & book.  The guides consist of 25 best-case practices and resources.  

“If you saw me at church, you would not recognize me as a widow. I have a cheerful face and I dress well. No one would ever look at me in passing and consider me to be in distress.”

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