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Step-by-step guide to forming Life Launch teams

This is what Life Launch is all about… connecting people in need with people who care.

Why it’s important

The “care” part of the toolkit dives into what matching teams looks like. It includes instructions on how to facilitate team meetings, mentee resources, and what the matching process looks like. Intentionality with matching ensures good mentor-mentee pairs.

How to use these tools

Start by clicking to download the sections you need. Begin with the matching process to find the perfect mentor-mentee matches. Then, utilize the team meeting process to facilitate the first meeting between the mentee and mentors. Finally, access the mentee handout sheet, designed to introduce the young adults you are working with to the Life Launch program. This resource provides valuable insights into what Life Launch is all about, empowering mentees to navigate their mentorship experience effectively. Follow the instructions provided in each section to embark on your matching  journey with confidence and purpose.