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Widows need support to help them sort through their emotions, a group who will cry with them, allow them to express fully their pain and struggles, people who will be there for them as they endure their crises.

Widows are hurting deeply one year, two years and even ten years plus after the loss of their spouse.  SITGM fellowship groups focus on a complete reliance on God to work through the church community and support the widow along their journey to find their new normal.

Widows are an underserved group in many church communities, it is not uncommon for widows to feel alone in a community they have been a member of for years. We partner with the widows church to create a Widow Fellowship support group that addresses their needs and helps them find their new normal. Stand in the Gap provides ministry guides and support resources that aid churches in their efforts to support the widows of it’s community, helping them not feel alone anymore.  The guides consist of 25 best practices and resources the have been developed over many years of supporting widows. Stand in the Gap is now in 13 states and growing! Are you a widow in need? Reach out to us and let us help you get the support you are looking for in your church community.

Widow Fellowship Ministry Guide – Step by Step to help churches create a meaningful support group for widows.
Widow Social Ministry Guides – Ideas for events and social gatherings for widows.
Widow Practical Need Ministry Guide – A guide on what practical needs widows have and how to support them.
Widow Card and Book Ministry Guide – How to provide support to widows through cards and books.

“I was with my husband when he died suddenly. After 42 years of marriage, half of me was gone.”

- Widow Voice

“No one can comfort a widow like another widow. When we see another woman enter this experience…we want to comfort her.”

- Miriam Neff

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