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You want to make a real difference?
You’re in the right place.

Women in Transition equips volunteers to make real relational connections with women transitioning out of prison or jail, making it possible for them to write a new ending to their story. These are the first steps to become a Women in Transition volunteer mentor.

Watch Orientation & Training
Submit Questionnaire
Submit Application
Meet Us
Matching Process
Step 1

Watch Orientation

Is Women in Transition the right fit for you? Watch our 15 minute orientation video for an overview of who we serve and how we do it.

Step 2

Watch Training

After watching the orientation video you will receive an email with a link to the training videos. Sign in to the system and then begin watching the volunteer training. This is the biggest time commitment you’ll make to the application process, but it is pivotal to understanding the goals and processes of Women in Transition and to your successful Women in Transition relationships.

Step 3

Complete the Training Questionnaire

After watching the videos you will receive an email with a link to our short quiz. The quiz enables us to ensure that you caught the most important details from training. Your results are automatically submitted to your Program Manager.

Step 4

Submit Application

After completing the training questionnaire you will receive an email with links to our applications for volunteers and neighbors. Click on the one that fits the role you would like to fill at Stand in the Gap.

Mentee Application: If you are a woman who would like to have your own personal Women in Transition mentor team, please submit the application at this link. After submitting your application, please complete our Hope Survey.

Step 5

Meet Us

Email your Program Manager to schedule a time to meet (virtually). This will be an informal time to get to know each other and address any questions you may have from training.

Rhonda in Tulsa –

Kathy in Oklahoma City –

Step 6

Matching Process Begins

Upon completion of the above steps, you are ready to be matched with a Women in Transition small group! This process can take between 20 and 50 days. That’s because we are working hard to create the best small group we can. 

Some of the things we look for when matching Women in Transition small groups are vocation, common interests, location, hobbies, personality, etc. Once we match you, we will reach out to confirm you are still interested, then schedule a group conference call.

What happens after a small group is matched?


Launch Meeting

Your local Program Manager will schedule a "virtual meet and greet" with your whole group. Your Program Manager will walk you through introductions, program expectations, and what a small group meeting should look like.

Women in Transition Begins

Begin practicing Women in Transition program expectations as a group.

Monthly Team Care

Your Program Manager will check in monthly to ensure you feel fully supported. Reach out to your Program Manager with any questions or needs.

Women in Transition Graduation

After twelve months, we will schedule your Women in Transition graduation celebration! One of the most important parts of the Women in Transition process is voicing very clear expectations for what the relationship will look like moving forward. We hope you'll stay connected for years to come, though it's not a requirement. We look forward to celebrating your small group graduation!
Life Launch small group