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“Jesus’ ministry is accomplished through his people. So, if you are reading this, you are the hope of the world and the story of SITGM belongs to you!”

TJ Warren, Executive Director

2022 was an astounding year for SITGM.

We have had a front-row seat and the gift of participating in the ministry of Jesus. This year far exceeded even our most bullish expectations! At every turn, this year, we exceeded goals. The impact and outcomes of all three programs grew by leaps and bounds over the past two years. Last but not least, by God’s grace and your sacrificial generosity, we had our best year for fundraising to date.

The stories of whole life transformation continue to flow in. And you will see, as you continue to read, that our “Data of Hope” shows vividly what Jesus is doing in and through Stand in the Gap.


people impacted


increase from 2021

Contributions and expenses were both up in 2022

but income outpaced the rising cost of ministry





Percentages Represent Increase from 2021

Income/Contributions Up


Expenses Up


High-Level Donor Contributions Up


Low-Level Donor Contributions Up


Total Number of Donors (356)


Number of First-Time Donors (128)

A Small Group Mentorship Program Empowering Young Adults from Hard Places


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Where We Are

Life Launch is most active in Oklahoma City and Tulsa

Working Together

We cultivate partnerships with like-minded organizations to better serve our young adults.

With Your Help

Our partner organizations are also primary sources for recruiting volunteers.

New Growth

2022's partnership with The Hub 585 represents an exciting opportunity for the future (more on this below...)

Life Launch By The Numbers


increase in people served from 2021


volunteers served through Life Launch (including 9 repeat volunteers)


hours were served by volunteers representing 55 churches

Youth and Young Adults

were active in Life Launch mentoring teams in 2022 (including 11 teams that graduated in the last 3 years but continue to meet).

Geographic Distance
Busy Schedules
Maintaining Relationships
Licensing Life Launch
Reestablishing Relationships
Laying Groundwork

The top challenges and accomplishments in the Life Launch program in 2022.

2022 felt like a return to almost normal. But we still feel the effects of COVID in our ability to recruit mentors and return to “baseline” for Life Launch.


Geographic distance is a challenge for us in forming teams (we want to make sure our volunteers and young adults can get together easily). Mentors seem to be busier than ever, making it harder for the team to get in stride. As we grow, maintaining the type of relationships we need between staff and volunteers and partners is challenging.


Our staff was intentional about reconnecting with partners this year and saw meaningful growth in these relationships. These partnerships helped us find young adults that were ready for Life Launch as well as the volunteers who were equipped to serve.

The Hub 585 helped us take Life Launch to a new level. We licensed our program to them, providing our training and staff support to the program in Rochester, New York. This partnership could be the model for a future Life Launch program that empowers partner organizations to operate this ministry around the country.


An Example of Respect

Kat shares about a meaningful moment


In Jamilo’s Own Words

Hear about the legacy of trust he got from Life Launch


Sweet Stories from The Hub

One of the many great stories coming out of our partnership with The Hub 585 in New York.


A Small Group Mentorship Program Confronting Oklahoma’s Incarceration Problem

Women in

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Where We Are

Women in Transition is most active in the Oklahoma City and Tulsa areas.

Working Together

We cultivate partnerships with like-minded organizations to better serve women impacted by incarceration.

With Your Help

Our partner churches are primary sources for recruiting volunteers.

Back Inside

After COVID related shutdowns, we are back in every facility we were serving pre-pandemic.

Women in Transition By The Numbers


recidivism among women served in 2020-2021


children were reunited with healthy mothers (another 90 saw relationships restored)


volunteers representing 84 churches served over 12,000 hours


Women in Transition graduates returned to serve as volunteers

Women and Children

were impacted by Women in Transition in 2022 (an increase of 140% from 2021).

Limited Numbers
Staffing in Pryor
SheBrews Expansion
Comanche Partnerships
OKC Support

The top challenges and accomplishments in the Women in Transition program in 2022.

2022 saw us back in every facility we served pre-COVID but we still feel the effects of years of limited mobility inside prison walls. We also saw successes and challenges as we grew to serve beyond the Tulsa and Oklahoma City metro areas.


The Department of Corrections is still placing limits on the number of people who can gather inside prison walls. That means our classes sizes are significantly smaller, leaving many unable to attend. Our growing partnership in Pryor hit a setback when our staff person was unable to continue due to a personal situation. By the end of the year, we began to rebound there (thanks to Women in Transition instructor, Shaunte Gordon), but we lost some momentum in the interim.


Our Women in Transition Program Director, Rhonda Bear, also operates her own transitional living and employment ministry for the women we serve. This year, SheBrews and His House Ministries expanded to Tulsa, helping us form more small groups in the metro area. Our Program Manager in Oklahoma City, Kathy Peacock, also developed effective partnerships in Comanche, resulting in growth there. She also recruited help to supplement her efforts in Oklahoma City.


Bobby’s New Beginning

The accomplishments of one Women in Transition graduate in Pryor


Michelle Goes Back to Prison

But this time, as a volunteer


Ashley’s Legacy of Restoration

Addiction dominated much of her life, but now Ashley’s family has been put back together.


Empowering the church to leave no widow alone

Stand in the Gap
for Widows

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Where We Are

Stand in the Gap for Widows operates through partnerships with churches throughout the country.

Working Together

We share our toolkit of best ministry practices with partner churches who implement the ministry in their community.

With Your Help

Our partner churches share new best practices with us, and we make them available to our network.

Laying Foundation

We are building systems that will empower us to handle a nationwide movement.

Stand in the Gap for Widows By The Numbers


more active partnerships than in 2021


states with active Stand in the Gap for Widows programs


active church partners nationwide


were impacted by Stand in the Gap for Widows in 2022.

Data Reporting
Toolkit Development
Program Growth
Relational Support

The top challenges and accomplishments in the Stand in the Gap for Widows program in 2022.

2022 saw amazing growth in the widow program. We believe this is a testament to the unique need being met by this program. But with growth, comes opportunities and challenges.


We must continue to develop systems that allow us to scale Stand in the Gap for Widows to a nationwide movement. This includes more efficient collection and reporting of data, in-depth training videos, continued development of the Toolkit, deeper relationships with partners, and providing the necessary staff.


Our Stand in the Gap for Widows Program Director, Amy Woody, brings her personal perspective as a widow along with her experience as a small business owner to building a scalable, strong program. This year, the program expanded to new states all while Amy focused on ensuring that existing partners were receiving the support and information they needed from Stand in the Gap. The infrastructure she is building aims to enable future growth without leaving any existing partners behind. In addition to developing a personal relationship with each partner organization, Amy also connected partners to each other, creating a stronger network of ministry.


Betsy’s Legacy of Encouragement

Hear from one church partner about what she sees in widow ministry


Better Together

How one partner organization added to the Stand in the Gap for Widows Toolkit


Amy’s Personal Story of Love, Grief, and Hope

How our Program Director went from grief to giving back through Stand in the Gap for Widows