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A COVID Community (that no one wanted to be in)

By January 25, 2021June 24th, 2022No Comments

Ever since we began researching the needs of widows (more than 10 years ago), we heard the same phrase over and over; “This is a club that no one wants to be in.” We know that no one understands a widow like another widow. We also know that membership in this “club” can be the loneliest experience in the world.
Throw in a worldwide pandemic, social isolation, and legitimate fears about staying healthy and life as a widow is as difficult and lonely as it has ever been.

That’s why it didn’t surprise us to read this story about a young woman reaching out for an online community of people who could understand her and her grief. Each week, we receive messages through our website and facebook page from men and women looking for the same thing; a compassionate, safe community in the time of grief and COVID.

Imagine if the very disease that took your spouse also kept you from accessing the support you needed. This story offers insight on life after the death of a spouse, particularly in the wake of COVID. Read it for a little perspective and a little hope.

Read "A Club Nobody Wanted to Join"