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New Staff Feature: Meet Jamie

By December 10, 2021March 19th, 2024No Comments

New Enrichment Coordinator Jamie Enyart

Stand in the Gap gained a true gem this year. Help us welcome new staff member Jamie Enyart!

As our new Enrichment Coordinator, Jamie oversees our grant process and all-things people. “I am most excited to love on volunteers, donors, staff, and our board members!” Jamie says. 

Jamie has always had the heart to serve others. Growing up Jamie’s closest friend was a ‘foster-care kid’ placed in a not-so-great home. “I remember thinking how scary it was watching my friend’s siblings be taken away, one-by-one.” But during their senior year of high school, Jamie’s friend was placed with a new family – a loving, fun, supportive family. Jamie watched as her friend’s life completely changed from that moment on. “It was then I truly saw the power of family and how much it can change one person’s life, forever.”

From there, the seed was planted. Jamie went on to graduate college, get married and start a family of her own! She and her husband Cheynee (pronounced Shane) began raising two beautiful girls, Baylor and Ellison. 

Five years later, Jamie and Cheynee started pursuing adoption. Since it can be a lengthy process, DHS suggested foster care in the meantime and the Enyart family gained Paul, a 15-month old boy. 

But then only three months later, their family was matched with an adoption placement and the Enyart family gained 5-year-old Nathan.

Two years after that, the Enyart family adopted two siblings, Sarah and Ian. 

Just when they thought they were done, their family grew again when ZZ and Kiauna were placed under guardianship with the Enyart family.

Then just three months ago, Kiauna’s 2-year-old baby brother moved in with the Enyart family. 

“When I started my foster-care journey 11 years ago, I never thought we’d have nine kids,” Jamie says. “But seeing them become who they are meant to be without the fear of being moved again, is so rewarding.”

Not only does Jamie serve her family, but she also built her career serving others. Over the years she has done consulting work, ministry work, executive Pastor assistant work, and even led a foster care/adoption ministry for many years.

This has all led Jamie to us, Stand in the Gap Ministries. 

“The mission of Stand in the Gap is one I believe in,” Jamie says. “Because my kids would have been the kids we serve, their moms are the women we serve.”

Jamie loves being a part of a ministry that creates a culture of care from mentees all the way through the organization. 

“I realize that our volunteers are acting in obedience to the Lord, our donors are acting in obedience to the Lord, our staff is acting in obedience to the Lord, our board members are acting in obedience to the Lord… Seeing the impact we make collectively really is all because one person is obedient to what God has called us to.”

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