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“Secondary Losses”: A widow’s grief in many unexpected parts

By January 28, 2019June 24th, 2022No Comments
grief can take many unexpected forms

There are so many losses that follow a death.

What’s Your Grief defines “secondary losses” as other losses that resulted from a death. These losses can include concrete things like a loss of income or companionship as well as more abstract feelings like a loss of identity, purpose or hope.

A few examples of secondary loss

  • loss of a home
  • loss of a business
  • loss of relational identity
  • loss of faith
  • distance from / loss of unsupportive friends
  • loss of memories

The Stand in the Gap for Widows staff, Glenda and Melissa, work to acknowledge every type of loss that accompanies a widow’s grief.

Glenda and Melissa, the Stand in the Gap for Widows team

Glenda Love and Melissa Phenicie

The Stand in the Gap for Widows team

In the immediate, the pain of the loss can be all-consuming. But in the weeks and months that follow there can be a sense that we are losing even more than just that person.

What's Your Grief
At Stand in the Gap for Widows, we’ve made it our purpose to acknowledge each loss and provide widows with a community of other widows so they feel less alone in these grief experiences.

Are you a widow? Reach out to us today to find a Stand in the Gap for Widows group near you.

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