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Spring Has Sprung…

By March 20, 2024No Comments

Spring Has Sprung..

Spring can be a time of new beginnings. The buds form on new flowers. The green grass starts to peek through. The birds start chirping and most importantly the reminder that the long, harsh winter didn’t last forever. Spring reminds us that every season of life has a new, fresh beginning.

When we see the spring beginning it can bring hope, optimism and a breath of fresh air and focus. However, once you have faced a loss like the death of a spouse, spring can be a reminder that life is changing and moving on without your person. Each new thing can bring another trauma and fresh grief. 

It brings all kinds of new questions: How do you move forward when you don’t want to leave them behind? How do you remember your person when you are facing things they aren’t a part of? How can you honor them, but still keep moving forward?

When I think of all of the good things that spring can bring, I also think about the spring season where I live. You see, I live in Oklahoma or  otherwise known as tornado alley. A beautiful warm, spring day, can also hold a storm that wreaks havoc and chaos. Does that remind you of anything? Maybe how grief can feel? We never know what is going to happen or when we will be faced with a fresh wave of grief. It can be a relatively good day and then something can bring you a sad memory, a happy memory or a reminder that your person is gone and here comes the storm. That sounds a lot like a spring day in the midwest. 

Recently, I had one of these moments that took my breath away and made the pain of losing my husband feel fresh and unbearable even though it was almost 8 years ago. A funny memory shared with my family, turned into a fresh wave of grief, sadness and tears. It was a reminder that Darren is no longer with me and that the pain of his loss still affects me, even on my relatively good, springlike days. 

So, what do you do when the beautiful spring is also full of storms and chaos? What do you do when all those unanswered questions are swirling in your head? Well, here in Oklahoma, we have tornado shelters. If you aren’t familiar with a tornado shelter, it is basically a safe place that is built to withstand the storms we face. It is a place of safety and shelter from the danger and chaos of the storm. It is a place we go to and stay protected in until the storm has passed.

As people of faith, our shelter is in our Heavenly Father. In Psalms 46:1, it tells us that, “God is our shelter and strength, always ready to help in times of trouble” (emphasis added). God didn’t promise that we would have a storm-free life. He didn’t promise us that we would always have blooming flowers, green grass and the beauty of spring, but He did promise us shelter. He did promise us help and to be there in times of trouble. 

So, when you are faced with the spring and changes that come in your life and in your journey of widowhood, we pray that in the midst of both the beauty and the storms, you can find shelter in our Father’s arms. May you find your peace, your safe shelter and lean into your Father’s arms!

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Amy Woody

Stand in the Gap for Widows, Director

Amy walked the journey of widowhood in May of 2016 when she was only 36 years old. Since then, God has worked her through much darkness and reminders that He is the ultimate provider of light. Amy has been the Director of the Stand In The Gap Ministries for Widows program since October of 2021. She is a Pastor's Wife after God brought her healing and remarriage. She lives in Tulsa, Oklahoma and loves time with her family and college-aged daughter and enjoys exploring the beautiful world God created. She wants everyone to know that God can use your hurt to allow you to help others!