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Stand in the Gap

We are Flourish Award Winners!

By February 13, 2020June 24th, 2022No Comments
We are Flourish Award Winners!

It’s our great honor to be receiving the “Stronger Together” Flourish Award along with our wonderful partner, Branch 15!

Each year, Flourish OKC selects an issue facing the city to focus on for 12 months. They host an annual celebration to honor and bless the ministries on the frontlines of that issue, working to help people flourish.

In 2020, the Flourish OKC focus is “Restorative Justice”. Their website describes “restorative justice” as “a system of criminal justice which focuses on the rehabilitation of the offenders, the healing of the victims and the repair of the community at large. These practices work to break cycles of generational trauma, to interrupt the trajectory of generational incarceration, to restore all people impacted by both crime and incarceration, and to invest in future generations so that all in our city can flourish.”

The Stronger Together Flourish Award that we will receive at this year’s celebration is a reflection of our strong partnership with Branch 15. Over the last several years, we have worked together to help women as they create new lives for themselves and their families after incarceration.

When our Women in Transition graduates leave prison, we recommend living in transitional housing to provide structure and support to their first days and months of freedom. In the OKC area, Branch 15 is one of our go-to transitional home partners. Many of our graduates live there with staff and other residents that we know and trust. When Branch 15 residents are ready, we match them with Stand in the Gap families to mentor them as they work to maintain employment, finish education, find an independent home, and reunite with children.

We truly are stronger for our partnership with Branch 15 and honored to receive this award. Celebrate with us by attending the celebration, October 6 in Oklahoma City! Reservations and more information at the link!