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Stand in the Gap

Write a Letter, Send Some Hope

By April 13, 2020June 24th, 2022No Comments

We have made a list of

women we know and love in prison.

You can write them letters.

Usually, our Women in Transition staff spends 26+ hours every week inside prison walls, teaching our Women in Transition course, offering support, and building relationships with hundreds of women behind bars.

These relationships bring hope into 9 Oklahoma prisons and jails. Our staff hasn’t been allowed inside these facilities for 6 weeks.

For necessary and understandable reasons, prisons and jails have become even more scary and lonely places over the last month. Incarcerated people are restricted to their cells or bunks, often in very small spaces with no windows.

Our Women in Transition program staff have compiled a list of ladies they know and love who are currently incarcerated. Will you help us Stand in the Gap by writing letters to these women?

We will provide guidance to protect your privacy and the best possible experience for sender and recipient.

Use the link below to email us a request for the list. Please include your full name.