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Coffee, Cake and Conversation

Your foundational first step to an impactful widows ministry

Every Stand in the Gap for Widows

partner organization starts here. It’s the first step

in our proprietary method.

Why to host

Coffee, Cake & Conversation is an opportunity to get to know the widows in your church and ask them what they need. The goal of the event is to introduce your new ministry to the women you plan to serve and to hear (from them) how you can best serve them.

It will also give you the opportunity to recruit volunteers to support your widow ministry.

Click through the toggles below for your complete guide to Coffee, Cake & Conversation.

How to host

You can choose to host one of three different types of Coffee, Cake & Conversation events:

Coffee, Cake & Conversation – Widow Only Event
This is a conversation event with widows to learn what they need and how you can best serve them.

Coffee, Cake & Conversation – Volunteer Event
This is a conversation event to educate volunteers on how your organization can best serve your widow community.

Coffee, Cake & Conversation – Widow & Volunteer Event
This is a conversation event combining both widows and volunteers.  Stand in the Gap for Widows recommends having separate events, but we realize that is not always optimal for every situation. 

This ministry guide includes:

(Scroll down to download these editable materials)

  • Coffee, Cake & Conversation Invitation Templates
  • PowerPoint Presentation & PDF
  • Volunteer Comment/Response Card Template
  • Widow Need Questionnaire / Response Card Template Questionnaire 

Once you have completed your event(s), our Widow Program Director will consult with you on your best course of action to begin your ministry.  The consultation will include the analysis of the results from your response cards, availability and abilities of your volunteer base, your church or organization’s support systems, and the gifts and talents of your widow ministry leader.

Helpful Insights & Program Components

Coffee, Cake & Conversation Invitation/Promotion

We suggest sending the event invitation to your guests at least two weeks prior to your scheduled date.  It will also be helpful to share the invitation in the church Sunday bulletin, church and Sunday school newsletters and on any church social media accounts.  In your correspondence regarding the event, mention the purpose of the event is to learn how the church can best support widows, present widow ministry ideas and recruit widow ministry members and volunteers.

PowerPoint Presentation & PDF

The PowerPoint presentation is organized in such a way as to inform the attendees why it is Biblically important to implement a widow ministry, ask questions to create a dialog about each widow ministry best-case practice with the widows, and then follow up with a program to support the widows.

The presentation is also in PDF form if you prefer to use handouts or if you want to have takeaway materials.

Volunteer Response Card

It is important to capture information from those attending the event.  The information will be utilized when determining which widow ministries to introduce to your church or organization.  Most of our Stand in the Gap for Widows partners have chosen to establish our widow ministries best-case practices one or two at a time.  Our most successful widow ministry partners have led with the social ministry and formed small groups from those attending the social ministry events.  They have also partnered with their men’s ministry to create their practical needs ministry to widows. 

Widow Needs Questionnaire 

The widow needs questionnaire is designed to help the church or organization gather information concerning the needs of the widows they are serving.  We have learned that widows have a difficult time asking for help.  

How can Stand in the Gap for Widows help you?

  • We are happy to help you reach outside your church or organization walls by promoting your Coffee, Cake & Conversation event and any of your widow events on our Stand in the Gap for Widows Facebook page.
  • Stand in the Gap for Widows will help you edit any of our materials to meet the needs of your ministry.  

How can you help Stand in the Gap for Widows and our partners?

  • Celebrate your successes with us.  We love to share photos and quotes from widows and volunteers on our Facebook page and website.
  • If you enhance or modify our materials, please let us know so we can share your ideas with our partners.
  • If you create a new best-case practice for your widows, we would love to add it to our tool kit.  We are happy to give you and your church full credit.

Please contact Amy Woody at for assistance or to share your ideas.  Thank you for helping us fulfill our mission to connect people in need with people who care.

Download and print the following documents.

After the event

Contact us. We will work together to create a customized widows ministry based on the stated needs of the widows in your network.