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Stand in the Gap connects people in need with people who care in order to set the captives free and defend orphans and widows.

You are invited to learn about Stand in the Gap’s three focus programs and our work in Oklahoma! Over lunch, you will hear directly from clients and staff about the impact of Stand in the Gap’s volunteer-driven methodology. Lunch will be provided.

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“Until now…” // Isaiah’s Story

In September 2016, a group of strangers met at a coffee shop near downtown Tulsa. On his way to the meeting, Isaiah Wright felt the nervous energy that often accompanies walking towards the unknown. At age seventeen, Isaiah was about to age out of DHS custody in a state he had only called home for a few months. He had no family in Oklahoma and little support left even in his hometown of Detroit, Michigan.

Weeks before, Isaiah had been introduced to TJ Warren, Stand in the Gap’s Life Launch Program Manager in Tulsa. TJ met with Isaiah at Youth Services of Tulsa, where Isaiah was living at the time, and told him that through Life Launch, Isaiah could be paired with a small group of mentors who would spend time with him as he transitioned from foster care to independent adulthood. Isaiah was immediately interested.

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What is Stand in the Gap?

Stand in the Gap is a mission of the local church. Stand in the Gap is a call to action. Stand in the Gap is a small group movement that is radically changing the lives of orphans, widows and prisoners in Oklahoma.
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Your Hope Report is Here

Hope is the foundation of all that we do at Stand in the Gap. We believe that no matter what crisis you have faced, God’s hope delivers his people to new life. And so as we look back at the end of each year, it is through the filter of hope. Where did we witness it? How did it change the people we work with? How did it change us?

Your Hope Report is here. The Hope Report is a look back at the stories that moved us, the impact our volunteers had, and the people we built relationships with in 2016, as well as key metrics, financials, and major donors.
View our annual report now at this link or request a hard copy by emailing

Life Launch Volunteer Training – Oklahoma City

Do you think Life Launch is the right volunteer fit for you?

First of all, we are glad to hear that! Spending time in relationship with at-risk young adults as they age out of foster care can certainly be challenging. But the rewards, both to you as the volunteer and to the youth you will get to know, are powerful!

Make sure you’ve watched the volunteer orientation video at this link. Read more

Life Launch Volunteer Training – Tulsa

Do you think Life Launch is the right volunteer fit for you?

First of all, we are glad to hear that! Spending time in relationship with at-risk young adults as they age out of foster care can certainly be challenging. But the rewards, both to you as the volunteer and to the youth you will get to know, are powerful!

Make sure you’ve watched the volunteer orientation video at this link.

Then, register for volunteer training. In Tulsa, trainings are scheduled the second Tuesday of every month. You can look forward to practical information that will be applicable to your Life Launch relationships.

Life Launch Volunteer Training
Second Tuesday of the month // 6:00 – 8:30
Stand in the Gap Offices // 3939 S. Harvard Ave., Tulsa, OK
Dinner provided
RSVP to TJ Warren at

Jen’s Story

After she battled addiction and served time in prison, Jen had to recreate her family. She started by participating in a Stand in the Gap small group. That small group of mentors was instrumental in helping Jen find and regain custody of her youngest son. But it wasn’t easy. Her youngest son’s father was actively […]

Phyllis’ Story

Phyllis is the life of the party. She’s an entertainer and a hostess. And her home was full of laughter until her husband of 22 years passed away. In an instant, the energy, cheerfulness, and social nature that had always marked her personality were overpowered by grief. When Phyllis began to meet with other widows, […]

Kyla’s Story

Warning: Kyla’s story contains adult content. And that is the tragedy of Kyla’s childhood. When Kyla became a mother at age 15, the secret she had carried was thrust into the light. In the process, she was removed from the only family and the only home she had ever known. She and her infant son were placed […]

Stories of Transformation

The new year made us think about the impact Stand in the Gap volunteers have had on the peoples’ lives throughout the years. So we touched base with our Women in Transition Program Manager, Rhonda Bear, and asked for a few powerful Stand in the Gap stories of transformation.  Here are just a few of the stories she could tell…

(Each of these women have been incarcerated and participated in Stand in the Gap.)

Vanessa Crouch: Department of Corrections volunteer, co-teaching SITGM’s Women in Transition curriculum // Married and raising two children // Serving in her local church // Will complete Associate’s Degree at Roger’s State University this semester

Tammy Franklin: Employed as Recovery Support Specialist for HOPE Community Services // Curriculum Facilitator for Women in Transition at Firstep Treatment Center // Director of Branch 15 Transitional Home // Featured speaker at Celebrate Recovery // Department of Corrections volunteer // Grandmother, Mother and Wife in the center of many family photos

Shaunte Gordon: Started her own business – She Does Odd Jobs With Integrity, which is growing, employing others and paying taxes // Restored relationship with her oldest daughter (after 21 years) and her granddaughter // 4 generations are now restored in relationship // Drug free for 9 years // Co-leading a Celebrate Recovery twelve step group

Jena Barnhill: Employed at Schlotzsky’s for 2 years, currently a Catering Rep as well as a Corporate Trainer // Living Hope graduate // Active member of Crossings Community Church // Co-parenting two beautiful children // Restored relationship with her mother

Brandy Cook: Volunteers in SITGM spiritual families // Celebrate Recovery leader // Supervisor in an assisted living program (3 years), does all their training and assists in hiring process // Restored to her two children and never misses their activities anymore

Kristyl Carpenter:  Volunteers in a SITGM spiritual family // Works at Pelco Structural, LLC and is an Assistant Manager at local hotel chain // House Manager of His House Outreach Ministries // Leading a women’s 12 step group through Celebrate Recovery, sponsors multiple women in CR // Has been restored to her son and family

Michelle Wise: Volunteers in a SITGM spiritual family // Lives in her own apartment// Makes all A’s & B’s in her Junior year of college // Works at Pelco Structural, LLC // Former Manager of She Brews Coffee House.

Crystal Combs: Volunteers in a SITGM spiritual family // Manager of a local hotel chain and hires many of the women SITGM serves // Restored to both of her sons // Recently bought her first new car

Cerissa Haggert: Volunteers in a SITGM spiritual family // Restored to her two daughters // Works 2 jobs for over 2 years // House Manager for His House Ministries and sponsors multiple women // Has “amazed” the court system in Rogers County with the changes in her life.

Chantel Reben: Graduating from her SITGM spiritual family and plans to volunteer in another spiritual family // Received custody of her 5-year-old son // Works as a custodian at First Baptist Church while making A’s & B’s at Rogers State University