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Ali’s Legacy of Hope

By November 11, 2021July 15th, 2022No Comments

In this world, there’s a lot you can’t fix. But for one person, you can stop the cycle of hopelessness. And doing this, with our help, can change generations and create a legacy of hope.

After several years in foster care, Ali was placed under the guardianship of her ex-stepfather. Ali was battling depression and tried to take her own life. After her hospitalization, she went back into DHS custody, living with the realization that family isn’t forever.
Ali was matched with a Stand in the Gap small group of mentors in 2017. “My Stand in the Gap team helped me learn to love myself.” -Ali, 2018
In the last three years, Ali married a loving man, had a beautiful daughter and had healing conversations with her biological family.
“Growing up I didn’t have an example of a stable family. Now I am surrounded by an adoptive family, my biological family, and my wonderful husband and stunning daughter,” Ali says.
I’ve come to realize with the support of everyone around me, and my Life Launch team, my family and the family I’ve built, my family will be forever.” -Ali, 2021
Three years after her Stand in the Gap journey began, Ali’s legacy continues to grow. This can be YOUR legacy. You can help people, like Ali, create a legacy of hope for generations.
Will you join us by making a monthly gift to Stand in the Gap?
If you gave $10 a month, you would play a part in the provision of support to hundreds of widows.
Your $10 would provide the Stand in the Gap Widow Ministry:
  • that encourages Ali in their faith
  • provides practical support
  • stands by her side while she creates a family that is forever
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Will you join us?