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Create a Legacy of Hope

By October 20, 2021June 22nd, 2022No Comments

In this world, there’s a lot you can’t fix. But for one person, you can stop the cycle of hopelessness. And doing this, with our help, can change generations and create a legacy of hope.

During the next few weeks, we will be featuring a life update for three women connected to Stand in the Gap as they each share the generational hope happening in their lives today.

We need your continued support to write even more stories like these for 2022. We’ve set a fundraising goal of $75,000. We ask you to take action by donating today.

Stand in the Gap Ministries’ mission is to connect people in need with people who care. 

Your donation helps provide support for the populations closest to God’s heart- orphans, widows, and prisoners. As they receive healing, become empowered and changed, we believe their stories become a part of your legacy.

Will you join us by committing to a monthly gift to Stand in the Gap? Even $10, given monthly, sustains this ministry and becomes your own legacy of hope.

Thank you for your continued trust in Stand in the Gap.

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