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Stand in the Gap

Giving Tuesday | Create a Legacy of Hope

By November 30, 2021July 15th, 2022No Comments

Happy #GivingTuesday2021!

All types of organizations participate in GivingTuesday. You have likely seen your favorite nonprofit organization raise funds on this day each year. GivingTuesday was created in 2012 as a simple idea: a day to encourage people to do good.
Today, we are asking for your support by donating to our annual fundraiser. This year we followed up with three people who first connected with Stand in the Gap Ministries years ago to learn how their Legacy of Hope continues to grow.

All three of the women below conquered many mountains years ago when they first connected with Stand in the Gap. But today, they stand before us with even more victories to share!

Last we spoke with Ali’s past taught her that family isn’t forever, at least not for her. But today she is surrounded by support by her adoptive family, her biological family, and the wonderful family she’s created over the past three years.

Last we spoke with Connie, the only photos she had of her family were mugshots. Today, her phone is full of photos of happy memories as God helps restore many of her family relationships.

Last we spoke with Melissa, God planted a seed in her heart for the widows of the church. Today, the ministry she stepped out in faith for serves hundreds of widows across the country!

Years after their Stand in the Gap journey began, their legacy continues to grow.
This can be YOUR legacy. You can help people, like Ali, Connie, and Melissa create a legacy of hope for generations.
There are many more stories to be written.
Will you join us in celebrating Giving Tuesday by making a donation today?
If you gave $10 a month, you would play a part in the restoration of many lives like the ones above.
Your $10 would provide Stand in the Gap mentors:
  • who encourage people in her faith
  • provide practical support
  • stand by the populations who are closest to God’s heart
See yourself in this story. Leave a legacy at:

Will you join us?