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MentoringStand in the Gap

God Uses Us.

By September 30, 2018June 24th, 2022No Comments

Stand in the Gap is

a small group movement that is radically changing the lives of orphans, widows and prisoners in Oklahoma.

Hello, Church.

We have a problem.

There are gaps in our society, places where families and communities have failed. As God’s people, there is only one response to the gap… stand in it.

Okay. But, how?

God releases the prisoners. God defends orphans and widows. God sets the lonely in families. To defend, liberate, and love His people. God uses us.

A teenager aging out of foster care has a 60% chance of being homeless, incarcerated, or dead within one year

A widow loses 75% of her relationships within 12 months of her husband’s death.

After a woman is released from prison, she has a two in three chance of being arrested again within three years.

Stand in the Gap connects people in crisis with people who care. These small groups share needs, pray, tell stories, eat, set goals, and do life together.

In these small moments, God intervenes in human lives and empowers people to move beyond crisis into community.

Your small group can change the lives of orphans, widows, and prisoners. Plant a seed. Say a prayer. Join the movement.

Stand in the Gap.