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Hope is...Stand in the Gap

June’s 8 Hope Highlights

By June 23, 2021June 24th, 2022No Comments

In an increasingly unstable world, 

hope is still the most important thing.

This month, we are sharing some of our “hope highlights” from the last 4 weeks. 
May these short stories bring you hope.

"Will you come see me again?"

It had been 5 years since Nicole saw her son. At the time, he was 18 months old. She was nervous that he wouldn't remember her or want to be with her. At the end of their first visit, he asked, "Will you come see me again?" With joy, Nicole said, "yes." This month, she threw a party for his 6th birthday. We celebrate Nicole's graduation from Stand in the Gap and all she has accomplished (driver's license, job, improved trust). But more than anything, we celebrate that "yes"! Nicole plans to stay with her Stand in the Gap family as a volunteer for another woman coming out of incarceration. The best is yet to come...

Nicole and River
Dustie Cole and kids

From Prison to Pastoring

Remember Dustie and her family from our Episodes of Hope? (If not, watch Dustie’s story here.) This month, Dustie’s husband Cole was appointed to serve as pastor of Lamont United Methodist Church. The family is living out their mission and ministry with such faith. We are excited for the people of Lamont and wish Dustie and Cole the best in this new chapter.

WIT team Ashley

New Women in Transition Small Groups

This month, we launched 3 new Women in Transition small groups. Team Tina is our first small group representing Sand Springs First United Methodist Church. Team Ashley (pictured) was formed out of our partnership with His House in Edmond. And Team Kelsey out of OKC met for the first time! We can't wait to see what God does in and through these small groups.

New Life Launch Small Groups

This month, Adrianna and Katie were both matched with small groups of Life Launch volunteers. We can’t wait to see pictures of Adrianna’s team out and about and Katie’s team bonding with her toddler. We still have young adults waiting for mentors in Tulsa, Claremore, and Oklahoma City. (Click to meet them.) Are you ready to experience your own God Sighting?

Life Launch small group
Hayden Kathy, Rhonda Alicia

Working Together

Providing services in Tulsa and Oklahoma City means that our team is usually on opposite ends of the Turner Turnpike. So it's a good day when we get to be together in real life! This month, our Life Launch and Women in Transition staff met together to discuss how to better serve our people and share our stories. What a blessing to work on this team!

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