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Life Launch

Life Launch Young Adults Are Ready for You!

By May 21, 2021June 7th, 2021No Comments

The young adults we serve through Life Launch come from difficult situations, unsafe homes, and/or fractured relationships.

That’s where¬†you¬†come in.

Life Launch empowers young adults from hard places by matching them with a small group of volunteers who care. A Life Launch small group commits to show up, listen, encourage, mentor, and support one young adult for one year.

The young adults below have been interviewed and approved by our program staff. They want to participate in Life Launch. They want to get to know you! Are you ready to Stand in the Gap?


SW Oklahoma City

Nevaeh enjoys gaming and shoe shopping and is passionate about becoming a criminal justice lawyer. She’s driven, but easygoing and excited to have mentors to walk alongside her.

Ideal mentors: a married couple



Addie is 17. She loves 90’s music. Addie was recently reunified with her mother and is working on graduating high school. She is interested in going to cosmetology school after she graduates.

Ideal mentors: a married couple


Oklahoma City

Adrianna enjoys running! She spends all of her time on school and sports and is wanting to go out and about.




Chris is 20. He is trying to get his life figured out after coming out of incarceration. He really wants to make the right choices. Chris loves working out and goes to the YMCA almost daily to work out.

Ideal mentors: men in their 40s or 50s with similar interests or a married couple



Katie is a single mom of a two year old.

Ideal mentors: mothers of young children or a married couple