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Rhonda Bear

by Rhonda Bear

Women in Transition, Program Director

Ever since I met Sharon*, she’s had one prayer request — to be in relationship with her six-year-old son whom she hasn’t seen in four years.

Sharon’s son lives with his father, who didn’t allow any contact with Sharon. She prayed. I prayed. After many months, Sharon got a text from her son’s father that simply said, “Your son wants to talk to you.”

So last month, Sharon got a FaceTime call from her son. They talked for two hours. She heard about school and about the Christmas presents she’d sent (thanks to a generous partner of Stand in the Gap). He told her about a box of treasures he’d been collecting to show her when he got to see her again. Sometimes, he told her, “I just want to look at you.”

And today, I got to drive Sharon to have ice cream with her little boy. This is the beginning of a whole new chapter.

There is still a long road ahead for Sharon and her son. But moments like this are moments we will never stop celebrating.

Moments like this are why we join God in his work of setting the prisoners free.

Moments like this are why we Stand in the Gap.


*name changed to protect privacy

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