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Shaunte went from being one of Oklahoma’s most notoriously difficult prisoners to a life of true freedom.

It’s been 9 years since Shaunte was released from incarceration for the second time. Six years ago, we sat down with her to film her story.

Through living in a transitional home, being surrounded by mentors in her small group, and gaining and keeping employment, Shaunte learned she could take ownership of her life. “Things were restored to me during that first year with Stand in the Gap Ministries that I never thought I’d have again”, Shaunte says.

But what happened next?

Shaunte has returned to prison to teach our Women in Transition class. Every week, she shares her story and experiences. “The women see themselves in us when they see us back inside the correctional center, but this time by choice,” Shaunte says. “God really cares that the women are able to succeed.”

Shaunte has been owning and operating her own business She Does Odd Jobs With Integrity since 2015. She is raising her niece and proudly shares that she is a mom, grandma, daughter, volunteer, business owner, and homeowner, all while giving God the credit. “God continues to restore people through Stand in the Gap Ministries,” Shaunte says. “I see it every week.”

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