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Ali: An Update

It’s been three years since Ali graduated from Life Launch and first shared her story. She talked about the abuse she suffered, about “hating herself”, and how she learned that “family isn’t forever.”

Through the course of her Life Launch experience she grew to respect and even love herself. She stopped self-harming and began to pray. She found safe relationships with her two mentors who, at first glance, she didn’t have much in common with. Ali’s life changed.

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But what happened next?

Since that time, Ali met and married her husband, a man who treats her with respect and care. They relocated to be near her birth mother. Ali pursued healing and (when necessary) closure in relationships with her birth family. She and her husband welcomed a baby girl. Since they relocated back to Tulsa, Ali has been able to stay home with her daughter.

Guess who is still in her life? Her Life Launch team continues to go for walks, this time with a baby in tow. As Ali has faced a difficult health diagnosis, she’s turned to her Life Launch team for support and advice. Ali is thriving in this new chapter of her life. Now she knows, this family is forever.

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