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Noah: An Update

Going out to eat and to the movies are pretty common activities for a lot of us. But for teenagers like Noah, doing things like that are extra special. 

Noah has had the experience of two Life Launch groups in our two separate service areas.

He was first introduced to Stand in the Gap while living at the Tulsa Boys Home, but when he aged out of DHS and moved to Oklahoma City, we matched him with his two new mentors, Brad & Brian. 

As a small group, the three guys talked about all kinds of stuff. Noah mostly remembers the encouragement he received to complete the GED courses he was taking. 

“It’s just nice to have someone,” Noah says. “Plus, I enjoyed being able to get out and do stuff. Since I did not have a car, I was stuck inside a lot.”

Noah graduated from Stand in the Gap’s Life Launch program in 2020 and has since received his driver’s permit, is living in an apartment by himself, and is currently a student at Francis Tuttle pursuing a degree in Graphic Arts and 2D/3D Animation.

Noah appreciates the role Stand in the Gap played during a crucial time in his life. “It was a good opportunity to learn from others and grow.”

If you are interested in mentoring a guy like Noah, we have young adults waiting for you. Contact our Life Launch team today at:

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