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Tisha: An Update

As a child, Tisha was exposed to drugs by her mother. Eventually, selling turned into using, which turned into incarceration and losing her children. 

While in prison, Tisha surrendered to God and connected with organizations, resources, and people to help turn her life around. 

If you have not heard Tisha’s full story, you can watch it here.

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But what happened next?

Tisha has been out of prison for 22 months. Through her transition, her main focus has been re-establishing a relationship with her three children.

Her Stand in the Gap small group helps her with this. 

“When I was released from incarceration after serving four and a half years,” Tisha says, “I was just ready to get back into my kids’ lives like before. But my mentors reminded me that my children are hurt, broken, and don’t fully trust.”

Rhonda Bear, Stand in the Gap Women in Transition Program Director, told Tisha to step back and let them do it at their own pace. She reassured Tisha her children would start reaching out when they’re ready.

Tisha says when she finally took Rhonda’s advice, her children did just that! 

“We all stay in contact now,” Tisha says. “They would do anything for me. I could call any of them right now, and they’d be there.”

Tisha was recently promoted at She Brews Coffee House where she is now over wholesale, sales, and marketing. 

In September she started attending Rhema Bible College, to pursue her interest in missions.

“If you’ve never had someone believe in you, or encourage you, it’s powerful… It’s life-changing,” Tisha says. “I prayed: Lord, I need support, and He answered. His House is great. She Brews is great. But the Stand in the Gap team changed it for me.”

Tisha’s Stand in the Gap small group took a trip last year to Nashville, TN for the Women on Fire conference. They stayed in an Airbnb, went hiking, and ate good food. “It was probably one of the greatest trips I’ve ever taken!” Tisha says. 

“My life is amazing.”

“There is hope that people can change,” Tisha says. “God gives us everything we need, but we have to choose to take it.” 

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