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Meet the Staff and BoardStand in the Gap

Set Up for Success

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Board Member Feature

One of the best parts of Stand in the Gap is when wonderful people come into our ministry and join us for the long haul, making Stand in the Gap stronger with their gifts and services along the way.

Charles Dodson has served on the Stand in the Gap Ministries Board of Directors since 2014. His first introduction to our organization was when he volunteered as a Life Launch mentor in 2013. And we must have won him over! 

Over the past eight years, Charles has witnessed Stand in the Gap grow, not only in terms of our programs but also in terms of board development as committees formed and annual meeting roles unfolded. 

“The thing I love most about Stand in the Gap is it’s set up for success,” Charles says. 

With experience in the restaurant industry, Charles shares how vital it is to be hitting on all cylinders of every variable to succeed. That is how he sees Stand in the Gap – making efforts on all the critical roles for lasting life change of those we serve.

“You can’t get much more scriptural than orphans, widows, and prisoners,” Charles says. “They are the populations who are closest and dearest to His heart.” 

A lot of Christians want to step into volunteer roles, but often don’t know where to start. It is for this exact reason that Stand in the Gap goes to great lengths to make volunteering easy and effective. 

He has volunteered on a total of three Life Launch groups as a mentor.

Pictured is Charles (right) with Rick Claxton (left). They served two Life Launch teams together and remain dear friends to this day.  

When asked about his role on the board, Charles is honored to have been among many Godly leaders who he learned from every time they met.

“The current board of directors is incredible,” Charles says. “Which is why I am gracefully leaving. My heart hasn’t moved one inch. I simply want to create space for others to serve Stand in the Gap Ministries with their gifts and experiences.”

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