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The Top 6 Life Launch God Sightings of 2019

By January 23, 2020June 24th, 2022No Comments

What is a God Sighting?

In the day-to-day, it can be hard to recognize and acknowledge where God is working. But the importance of doing so has been part of our DNA at Stand in the Gap since the beginning. A God Sighting is basically the answer to this question: Where do you see God active in your life?

Sometimes the answers are bigger than others. We’ve seen relationships restored, addictions overcome, and wounds healed. And we’ve also celebrated smaller God Sightings like $15 checks and a red Volvo with a sunroof. One thing we know, if you look for God, you will find God.

A new year (new decade!) brings plenty of opportunities for reflection and many God Sightings to celebrate. We pared it down to our six top 2019 Life Launch God Sightings to share here.

Two Sets
of Keys

We had two cars donated to Stand in the Gap and got to give them to two of our young adults! One who is pregnant and has been walking miles to and from work each day and another who aged out of foster care and has been living in a transitional girls home and has been working hard on getting her license.


Katherine’s entire life has changed while being in Life Launch! She was going to an alternative high school and had major anxiety and depression. She didn’t get out of bed almost the entire month of December 2018 but her mentors were there for her. She eventually came out of it.

Her mentors taught her how to drive and she got her license, she gave the graduation speech to her entire graduating class, enrolled herself in college, and bought herself a car. Now Katherine believes she can achieve anything!

A Happy

Team Marco exceeded our expectations, even after the team closed. Following Marco’s move to the very southern end of Oklahoma, his team carpooled down for his 18th birthday, and gathered around as he blew out the candles. Their continued support is encouraging to see, and gives us hope for the future he has with those safe, unpaid adult relationships!


One of our young adults was matched with her mentors while she was going to an alternative school. She ended up dropping out of school but kept up with her mentors. With the support of her mentors, she eventually enrolled in a fast track GED program and got it within a few months! That was very unexpected considering her history with school. Her mentors threw her a small party to celebrate her achievement.


Team Nate has continually grown in trust. His mentors’ have shown awesome willingness to go above and beyond to get to know and serve their mentee. Nate’s social skills have greatly improved (which was one of the primary goals discussed with his team).

Additionally, he earned his driver’s license this year, and also changed to a much healthier job. All of these achievements were due in part to the consistent friendship, encouragement, and support offered by his mentors.


Two of our young adults are expecting a baby together. They each have their own Life Launch small groups of mentors. Before they met their mentors, they didn’t have anyone who would be at the hospital with them when the baby is born this spring. Now they’ll have six people in the waiting room!