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Year in the Life: Mentor/Mentee Relationship

By October 13, 2021June 22nd, 2022No Comments

Pictured above: Jessica (left) and Sky (right).

Life Launch Mentor Jessica’s Perspective

If you’ve ever wondered what serving young adults as a volunteer with us looks like, here’s an excellent example…

Meet Jessica and Sky. Jessica plus two other women mentor Sky. Sky is in a stable foster home with supportive foster parents and siblings. Sky meets with her Stand in the Gap Life Launch mentors as a small group twice a month.

The four of them often go out to eat, almost always to Chicken Express, Sky’s favorite. And they just talk, talk, talk. Like, groups of girls typically do. “We know all about her life,” Jessica says. “It’s really rewarding”.

Here are some other things the group has done together:

  • Jessica and the two other mentors attended Sky’s choir performance at her school
  • Celebrated Sky’s birthday with her foster family at their home
  • Made holiday cookies and assembled baskets for each of their respective families

Jessica even took Sky to her driver’s test to get her license! 

When we think of young adults aging out of foster care, it’s easy to only think of the troubling statistics that often lead to behavioral issues, mental illness, or difficulties in general. 

And although that is the case for a lot of young adults who grew up in unstable circumstances, the young adults in our program are here because they want to be. It’s their choice to apply and join Stand in the Gap’s Life Launch program.

Sky wants Jessica and her two other mentors in her life. Sky asks them to come to events in her life that are important to her.

If you’ve ever felt nervous or underqualified to serve this population, we hope this typical example demonstrates just how simple, yet impactful, 3-4 hours of your time each month can be. 

Just take it from Jessica – “I recommend this volunteer opportunity to men and women, young and old,” Jessica says. “Because it’s flexible and you have other people in it with you, your group, and your Stand in the Gap program manager who checks in and offers support.”

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