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Integral to the health and longevity of Life Launch teams

Ongoing guardianship and support of Life Launch teams ensures success

Why it’s important

Within the Life Launch program toolkit, this specific component encompasses a monthly care process, a 12-month graduation program, and quarterly round table sessions. Supported by Stand in the Gap staff expertise, it ensures smooth mentor-mentee pairings and consistent support, empowering participants to navigate challenges and succeed.

How to use these tools

To effectively utilize these tools, familiarize yourself with the three main sections: the Monthly Care Process, the 12-Month Graduation Process, and the Quarterly Round Table Process.

Start by implementing the Monthly Care Process to establish regular check-ins and support mechanisms for mentors and mentees. Then, progress to the 12-Month Graduation Process, which outlines how to facilitate the graduation and relationship of mentees and mentors moving forward. Finally, engage in the Quarterly Round Table Process to facilitate collaborative discussions and learning opportunities among mentors. This is important for enhancing the overall impact of the program.

Quarterly Round Table Process

The quarterly Life Launch round table initiative is currently undergoing refinement. Our Life Launch team is actively crafting a strategic approach to convene mentors through a systematic round table process.