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Shane's 23rd birthday
sometimes it just takes

A Simple Act

This week, Shane’s Life Launch team celebrated his 23rd birthday with one of his friends at Walker Hall. His mentors took Shane out to lunch, to see Captain Marvel, and then back home for cake and soda.

Shane, who deals with mental illness, spent his special day feeling honored and cared for thanks to his Life Launch team.

Sometimes, the Stand in the Gap “ask” can feel overwhelming. Potential volunteers may feel nervous about getting involved in the life of a person whose story is so different from their own.

Many of our Life Launch and Women in Transition clients have significant struggles (addiction, history of abuse, mental illness, homelessness, lack of education, etc.). These struggles can feel intimidating (and even scary) to many. This is one of the main reasons that we are so committed to our volunteer training. We are continually revising, adding, and improving the training we provide each and every volunteer.

It’s also a reason that every Stand in the Gap volunteer has the support (and the phone number) of our EXPERT Program Directors and Program Managers. Our staff is always available to help volunteers navigate relationship with the people we serve.

But often, these relationships aren’t scary at all. They are filled with small graces like birthday parties and movie tickets. They are made up of the small moments that make life great for anyone. And it’s a privilege to create these moments for young adults like Shane.

We are so grateful for volunteers like Julie and Randy.

Their patience with and consideration of Shane made his birthday better and his future brighter. Happy 23rd birthday, Shane!

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