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Hope is...Stand in the Gap

April’s 6 Hope Highlights

By May 4, 2022June 22nd, 2022No Comments

In an increasingly unstable world, 

hope is still the most important thing.

This month, we are sharing some of our “hope highlights” from the last 4 weeks. 
May these short stories bring you hope.

BIG Moments

One of our Life Launch young adults made a BIG decision last month - to be baptized at church!

His Life Launch mentors Krysta, Fern, and Ted were there to support him. As well as Life Launch Program Manager Alicia.

This is one of the joys of our program - celebrating the big and small moments with the people we serve 💙

God Sighting

Have you heard of the BeHeard Movement? We are amazed at what they are doing to care for those experiencing homelessness.
Last month they welcomed our team to come to train their staff on being more trauma-informed.
“We had the amazing opportunity to attend training at Stand in the Gap, it was PHENOMENAL!” they said. “This training was a game-changer!”
We encourage you to follow BeHeard Movement on Facebook to see updates of their work in the world.

Staff Meetings

We couldn't help but snap a picture of our in-person staff meeting because... well, it's just so nice being back together again as a team (verses on Zoom). Pictured here is staff from both Oklahoma City and Tulsa.

During our monthly all-staff meetings we start with the "Come Holy Spirit" prayer as well as specific prayers over specific needs. We then hear from each program on their updates, go over financials and enrichment activities.

It is a special time being together as a team.

Mentee ready for YOU

If you’re a gal with goals… consider this your sign to mentor a young lady who wants SO MUCH MORE for herself. Our Life Launch program recently accepted a 17-year-old who is so smart, driven, and caring. Here are some of the goals she shared with us…
💜 Graduate High School
💜 Attend College
💜 Get Drivers permit then license
💜 Get a Banking Account & Learn how to budget & save & give
💜 “to have someone beside me while I’m working toward my goals”
Okay, has your heart melted yet?? These young adults are so special. All they need is a friend. If you are interested in mentoring this young lady or any others we have waiting, contact us here.

Learn more about hope.