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Hope is...Stand in the Gap

February’s 8 Hope Highlights

By February 25, 2020June 24th, 2022No Comments

Last month we told you hope

is the most important thing.

This month, we are sharing some of our “hope highlights” from the last 4 weeks. 
May these short stories bring you hope.

Gratifying Graduation

Carol "graduated" from Stand in the Gap. Over the last year, Carol has held down a job, stayed in recovery from negative relationships & drugs, been restored to family and has her own apartment.
What's more, Carol and her spiritual family member, Jan are sticking together to mentor another woman as she comes out of prison! They want to "share hope, love, and life experiences".

After the First Meeting…

Andrea met with her Life Launch team for the first time this month. Her small group had dinner together in the home of two of her mentors. Alicia, Life Launch Tulsa Program Manager, reported back after seeing Andrea at school a few days later, “I haven’t seen her look happier.”

Worth an Uber

Amy took a 40-minute Uber ride to meet with her spiritual family. She is working towards getting her driver’s license this month, but in the meantime she calls the $80 ride “worth it”.

A Happy Valentine's Day

We celebrated Valentine’s Day with 400 widows. Our amazing church partner, Asbury United Methodist, hosted an evening of love, fun, and laughter for widows in the Tulsa community.

A Happy Ending

We don't like to close Life Launch teams before they've spent one year together. But, every once and a while, there's a really good reason to wrap it up. Mason moved across the state to live with his new adoptive family. After 13 years in foster care, we couldn't be happier for him and his new beginning.

Gratifying Graduation, Part 2

It took a couple of months for Rhonda to open up to her Stand in the Gap spiritual family. She described herself as having “trust issues”. Eventually, her spiritual family learned that Rhonda's two sons were struggling. One was in jail and the other was “in constant trouble at school”.
At the end of one year together, Rhonda has been “transformed”. Her sons are making different choices and are often in church with their mother. Rhonda and her team plan to stick together to mentor another young woman as she transitions to life after incarceration.

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