You're invited to meet us (virtually) and learn more about Stand in the Gap

Stand in the Gap connects people in need with people who care in order to set the prisoners free and defend orphans and widows. These relational connections are more important now than ever before! We are still forming small groups and training volunteers online!

Want to learn more about what we do or join us as a volunteer? Here’s your chance to take the first step.

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You’ll hear stories like this…

Life Launch

“Until now…” // Isaiah’s Story

In September 2016, a group of strangers met at a coffee shop near downtown Tulsa.…

Jen’s Story

After she battled addiction and served time in prison, Jen had to recreate her family.…
Stand in the Gap for Widows

Phyllis’ Story

Phyllis is the life of the party. She's an entertainer and a hostess. And her…