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Hope is...Stand in the Gap

June’s 9 Hope Highlights

By June 22, 2020June 24th, 2022No Comments

In an increasingly unstable world, 

hope is still the most important thing.

This month, we are sharing some of our “hope highlights” from the last 4 weeks. 
May these short stories bring you hope.

Together Again

Some of our small groups are starting to get back together! Team Brianna had a lot to catch up on! They started meeting before her son was born.

Back and Better Than Ever!

Sara participated in our Women in Transition program once before. But struggles led her away. She has returned, and Program Director, Rhonda Bear, says, "she returned humble and ready to surrender to Jesus Christ." Today, Sara is thriving. She is growing with her Stand in the Gap small group, promoted to management at McDonald's, passed her driver's test, and was blessed with a donated car!

Together Again (x2)

Sophia, a Women in Transition graduate, is now serving as a volunteer in another Women in Transition small group. She posted to Facebook the other night celebrating being back together with her Stand in the Gap family after months of social distancing!

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