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Stand in the Gap

Here’s How You Can Help… Right Now

By May 14, 2020June 24th, 2022No Comments

We are still forming new Stand in the Gap small groups and we have a plan to get the populations we love through this difficult chapter. You can help create, implement, and share the tools we need.

Read more about our plans and projects here!

Short-Term "Emergency" Giving

The new reality has us relying on online tools like Vimeo and Zoom quite a bit more. It also changes the way and frequency that our Program Managers engage with small groups. Each of these adjustments come with (hopefully) temporary impacts on our bottom line.

Sponsor Our Zoom Account


You can help us connect with potential volunteers and clients by sponsoring our Zoom account! We are using this tool to connect people (even when we aren't really together).
Sponsor Zoom

Sponsor Our Vimeo Account


Sponsoring our Vimeo account is sort of like hosting volunteer training! Since we are training all volunteers online, we are focusing on improving our video training material. Uploading these large files to our online video hosting platform ( requires a more robust account.
Sponsor Vimeo

Give Time


Want to provide a listening ear? Sponsor one hour of Program Manager check-ins with existing small groups. Program Managers hear what life is like for the people we serve and offer support and prayer as needed.
Give Time

Long-Term Investment Giving

Over the last several months, we’ve made several adjustments in response to COVID-19. The biggest adjustment has been fast-tracking our plan for online volunteer orientation and training. Thankfully, we’d already begun this process and were able to publish online training portals for Life Launch and Women in Transition volunteers (albeit with “first draft” materials).

These online training portals have allowed us to continue forming Stand in the Gap small groups around people who are now more socially isolated and vulnerable than ever.

But, in order to make the training materials as user-friendly as possible, we need your help.

Give Insight


Want to create something now that will pay dividends in the future? Sponsor the efforts of Women in Transition program staff to create a training manual for Women in Transition curriculum instructors. Completion of this manual would allow us to license our Women in Transition course to other facilitators and expand our reach after corrections facilities and transitional homes re-open to volunteers.
Give Insight

Give Understanding


You could make virtual volunteer training more engaging (and therefore more likely to "stick") by sponsoring the updates to our existing Women in Transition volunteer training video. We'd work with a video professional to develop interactive elements and incorporate updates and changes to the program.
Give Understanding

Give Guidance


One year is a long time. You can support our volunteers 3, 6, and 9 months into their small group relationships by helping us produce "continuing education" videos. These short videos would address common issues in a timely manner and provide expert guidance no matter when the issue arises.
Give Guidance

Give a Road Map


The Bible says to "defend the widow". You can help your church accomplish that by sponsoring the development of instructional videos for Stand in the Gap for Widows church partners. These videos would support program implementation and provide insights into our toolkit.
Give a Road Map

Give Connection


Do you want to empower a Stand in the Gap volunteer to have the best possible relationship with their small group? Our current video training tools are either dated (Women in Transition) or released sooner than planned to meet demand (Life Launch). Enhancements to these videos would make the experience more engaging, so volunteers have the best possible chance of retaining the skills and instruction they need to have a successful mentoring experience. These videos would be used for virtual training, to scale and grow the potential reach and impact of Stand in the Gap and will allow Stand in the Gap to scale growth and reach beyond our current limitations, long after things return to "normal". Talk about a lasting impact!
Give Connection

Volunteer in a Small Group Now

Our small groups are finding new and creative ways to connect with each other. In fact, some small groups have reported that living through this together has bonded their group and brought them closer than before (even without actually being together)!

We have Women in Transition and Life Launch clients who are waiting to be matched with a small group of volunteers. This is a relationship that you don’t have to wait for and that people need now.

Volunteer with Life Launch


Our Life Launch volunteers invest in the life of one at-risk young adult. They show up. They ask questions. They help set goals. And, eventually, see their young adult move toward healthy independence with the support of positive, healthy, stable relationships.
Life Launch Volunteer Training

Volunteer with Women in Transition


Women in Transition volunteers invest in the life of one woman as she transitions out of prison or jail. They pray. They listen. They give feedback. Many times, they see families reunited and new lives begun.
Women in Transition Volunteer Training