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Hope is...Stand in the Gap

March’s 6 Hope Highlights

By March 28, 2023No Comments

In an increasingly unstable world, 

hope is still the most important thing.

This month, we are sharing some of our “hope highlights” from the last 4 weeks. 
May these short stories bring you hope.

And the award goes to...

This month we celebrated that the Department of Corrections named our own Rhonda Bear the DOC "Volunteer of the Year"! Since she was released from prison, Rhonda has walked back through those doors countless times because of her passion for women and the children of incarcerated parents. Her years of committed service have reunited hundreds of families and built countless legacies of hope.
We also celebrated our friends at Prison Fellowship for being named "Volunteer Organization of the Year". Your commitment to true freedom has changed so many lives.

Party Time

Our friends at Heather’s Hope threw a party when Pam and Sarah graduated from their Stand in the Gap small groups! We always love celebrating “amazing relationships that will last forever.” A highlight was hearing from the volunteers in their small groups. One participant on Pam’s team pointed out that the relationship went both ways. “We all have the mountains that need to be moved. I’m thankful every time I get the chance to do this.”

God is in the Details

Kelsie had to wait a while for us to recruit and train volunteers for her Stand in the Gap small group. But this month, Shannon and Kathy came around her. Our Program Director, Rhonda Bear, says this team has so much in common that it can't be a coincidence. They will be strong supporters for Kelsie while she works to maintain recovery and rebuild her relationship with her children. We can already tell, this team will be worth the wait.

New Friends

God is continuing to grow widows ministries across the United States. We have recently welcomed new churches in Tulsa, Illinois, and Florida to the widows program. This month we had lunch with some of our program partners to share new updates to our ministry toolkit. What a joy to empower churches to serve widows in real and meaningful ways and to see those widows receive this love and support!

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