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Stand in the Gap

Measuring Hope

By October 29, 2019June 24th, 2022No Comments

The results are in...

from our 2019 Hope Survey reports!


We partnered with The University of Oklahoma’s Hope Research Center because we wanted to know if we could measure the hope that Stand in the Gap brings to the lives of orphans and prisoners. The resulting “Hope Survey” studies the impact of our programs on a person’s hope and key related variables. Thanks to the efforts of Evie Muilenburg-Trevino, Ph.D., we now have the data to prove that hope is found here.

Dr. Muilenburg-Trevino has been studying our Women in Transition program for several years. Through a series of specialized surveys, she measures benchmarks in our clients’ lives before they begin and after they graduate the program. She says, “Women in Transition is the most impactful program I have measured in 12 years of work.”

Her 2019 Life Launch assessment was equally impressive, reporting that 74% of Life Launch graduates increased their level of hope after participation. Participants also showed statistically significant improvement in self-esteem, existential well-being, trust in self, trust in others, and sense of safety.

You don’t have to take our word for it! Read Dr. Muilenburg-Trevino’s complete briefs at the links below.

of clients increased their level of hope
of clients decreased their level of co-dependency

The 2019 Women in Transition Hope Report

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The 2019 Life Launch Hope Report

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of clients increased their level of hope
of clients increased their level of existential well-being

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