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Stand in the Gap is simple. Stand in the Gap is what happens when safe, trained people voluntarily step in to someone else’s life–not to fix problems, not to set goals,  just to walk alongside.

Stand in the Gap is family.

Where are they now??

Partially because of her experiences with Amy, Deanna created a ministry to widows that she calls Ron’s Way. They meet practical needs for widows in her community. Amy, the woman that she walked beside, is now the director of our Stand in the Gap for Widows program. This relationship is having a ripple effect on widows throughout our state and nation.

Milo, the young man who had dropped out of school and was depressed and isolated at home, is now about to graduate. His Life Launch team is helping him learn to drive. His world and his life experiences have expanded by participating in Life Launch and these guys say they want to be part of Milo’s life for the long term.

Now Maria is serving as a volunteer through our Women in Transition program. She brings her experiences to a new Stand in the Gap family around a woman who has faced similar struggles. She owns a catering company, called Carabelle’s Eats and Treats, and a non-profit to help fire victims. She and Nick have a beautiful daughter.

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