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Welcome New Board Member Chris

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Highlight: Chris Bunn

At Stand in the Gap we see connections turn into the community on a regular basis.  

That is exactly how Chris Bunn came to Stand in the Gap Ministries. Volunteering for our organization in a board member position came up in two separate conversations for Chris. So, she prayed about it, reached out to learn more, and here we are, welcoming her into the Stand in the Gap family!  

Within minutes of talking with Chris, you hear the true joy she carries from walking in a close relationship with the Lord. It doesn’t take much longer to hear Chris share about her sweet family – husband of 26 years, Randy, and two young adult sons, Ronnie and Spencer. Their family of four have lived in Oklahoma for years but often traveled out of state together for the summers with Randy’s job.  

Chris fondly remembers settling in a central coast village in California, exploring Alaska, and walking all over Boston with her family. Although traveling is still a favorite hobby, in the past six years, her and her husband’s spare time have been spent renovating and leasing homes. No, neither Chris nor her husband are carpenters by trade, but have learned almost all of their remodeling techniques from hard lessons and YouTube videos!  

When asked how Chris came to know the Lord, she shares about her grandmother, a devout follower of Christ. Growing up Chris traveled to Indiana to visit her grandmother, and they always spoke of Christ.  

Years later when Chris became a Christ-follower, she credits much of the groundwork in her heart as a result of her grandmother’s constant love and example. Even to this day when Chris reflects on her personal journey, she is amazed at the impact just a few visits per year had on her heart and on her future.  

“The Lord draws us in,” Chris says. “It doesn’t always take someone being there constantly to get you there.” 

And you know what? Stand in the Gap completely agrees. 

Our team knows we cannot physically be with the people we serve all day and night. But, we make the most of our time together each month and trust the Lord draws his children in.  

All we are instructed to do is pray and obey. The bible is clear that we are the body of Christ. At Stand in the Gap we make intentional touch points, just like Chris’s grandmother, and God does the rest. 

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